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Ariago Home

We've also developed these informative links and downloadable files that offer helpful facts, tips, and insights into the design and production process. Feel free to browse!

Downloads: (Free Software)

- Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® - view and print PDF files
- QuickTime
- experience video, sound and more
- RealPlayer
- experience video, sound and more
- Windows Media Player
- (PC) download /play audio and video
- Macromedia Flash Player
- view Flash and entertainment
- StuffIt
- open compressed files
- ZipIt
- (Mac) zip/unzip files for easy transfer
- WinZip Self-Extractor
- (PC) extracts Zip files

Web Reference:

- Web-safe Color Palette
- improve search engine results
- Search Engine Watch
- everything you want to know
- Submit It
- search engine submission service
- Site Announce
- search engine submission service

Print Reference:
-Color Conversion -  Conversion from PMS to RGB and Hexidecimal
- Basic Translation Tool
- translates words to another language
- Glossary of Commonly Confused Terms

- Glossary of Web Terms

Other Documents and References:

- Ariago Creative Brief
- Glossary of Printing Terms
- Guide to Trademark and Servicemark Usage
- Guide to Proofreader Marks
- Guide to Grammar and Writing