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StageOne™ Deliver your message. Know who responds.SM

StageOne is a powerful, easy-to-use toolkit for managing everything from web and extranet publishing to traditional and email marketing campaigns and realtime lead generation. Designed by the Ariago Alliance, StageOne makes marketing vision a reality.

With powerful features previously available only in high-end enterprise systems with six-figure price tags, StageOne fits the budgets of mid-size businesses. But most important, StageOne achieves fast, measurable ROI because it helps you both reduce costs and drive revenue.

StageOne is comprised of the following powerful components:

StageOne Update enables you to manage and self-publish web site content using simple fill-in forms and graphical controls. Now you can manage all your web content without needing to know HTML; StageOne is designed to support virtually any web site layout or graphical design.

StageOne includes dozens of predefined yet fully-customizable marketing modules for managing items like press releases, case studies, product information, and collateral, each tailored to the work you do. Anytime, anywhere publishing means that you can work from home or on the road, simple workflow lets you control who can publish to the web site, and content scheduling enables you to set the exact date and time for your content to appear.

StageOne Broadcast enables you to create, send, and track graphically-formatted email communications: use it for promotions, newsletters, event announcements, and sales follow-up. What sets StageOne Broadcast apart is that once you have crafted your outbound email, Broadcast gives you special tools that enable others in your organization to send the email you designed, using boilerplate and custom messages that you control. Most important, every outgoing email is tracked for review and followup.

StageOne Broadcast is designed for both mass emailing campaigns and for print or other media where you drive visitors back to your web site. It enables you to manage email lists, tag addresses by demographic (or into arbitrary groups) for test marketing, compare the response rates for individual campaigns, and see which mailing lists are performing best. Launch works with Broadcast to solve the biggest riddle of all: knowing whether your messages are getting through. Launch lets you track exactly who is viewing your emails, and gives your sales people powerful drilldown reports so they can follow up with the most qualified leads.

StageOne Catalog provides powerful relational database features that enable you to maintain an online product catalog, including the ability to define a hierarchy of products and product lines. Manage product descriptions, images, and prices, and use an optional online shopping-cart system to enable visitors to select products for purchase over the web. StageOne Catalog integrates with virtually any web-based payment and clearinghouse system, and can be connected to your order processing and fulfilment system. Best of all, you can store and manage all your files associated with products, like brochures, data sheets, manuals, and photos, creating an entire documentation and collateral library.

StageOne Engage enables you to deliver documents to partners, customers, and sales leads while driving traffic back to your web site and reporting on precisely who viewed what. StageOne Engage features a "shopping cart" style collateral library and tools that let you manage popular document collections (such as press kits or backgrounders) and create custom-designed emails with links to content on your web site. Senders can be notified whenever a recipient views a document, which makes Engage a powerful sales tool. Full auditing and reporting, dynamic update, depublishing, and optional zip file mailing give you complete control over who sends and receives your information.

Want to share private information with your partners, customers, and vendors? StageOne Connect enables you to control your own extranet, easily managing access permissions to documents, files, and web pages. Our dual-pass security model lets you specify your own access filters and security classifications and apply them at the company, member, or document level, while every log in and document view can be tracked and audited.

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