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Virtual Silicon

The Client Profile
Virtual Silicon is a leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property and process technology to manufacturers and designers of complex systems-on-chip (SoC). Virtual Silicon has licensed and delivered its Silicon Ready® library products to hundreds of customers including semiconductor manufacturers, foundries, ASSP designers, and systems developers. (

The Challenge
Virtual Silicon's main objective was to convert users of a competitor's standard cells to theirs. While the Virtual Silicon new standard cell is competitively faster and smaller Virtual Silicon could not directly make the claim as a direct comparison to the competition. Therefore the challenge was to develop a campaign that would gain the attention of the design engineer, and motivate them to action.

The Goal

The Solution
Ariago Design created a campaign consisting of banner ads, an e-mail blast, a landing page and a print ad. Each banner and e-mail blast tracked back to the landing page where it was logged through StageOne Broadcast to manage all aspects of the email campaign, from outbound email design to email list management. The reporting tools built into StageOne enable them to monitor the response to a campaign down to the individual, as well as tell them who is visiting which web pages and how frequently.

The entire web site and Virtual Silicon’s ongoing email campaigns, are now managed effortlessly by the marketing staff, enabling them to reduce monthly maintenance costs to almost nothing, while at the same time enabling them to improve marketing execution and implement eMarketing best practices, without having to learn complex web technologies.

Most importantly, it provides Virtual Silicon results-oriented feedback which allows them to identify the most profitable and cost-effective eMarketing resources.

The Results