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Denise Dahart is the Founder and President of Ariago Design. Denise, who began her career with Xerox almost 20 years ago, has had the pleasure and challenge of working with a diverse group of companies such as Handspring, Iridex, Wherify Wireless, Wily Technology and Symantec, as well as a slew that are just hitting the industry's radar screen. Denise provides active leadership and management from project inception to completion. Her expertise includes strategic analysis and planning, budgeting, target message auditing, and ensuring compliance with project costs and client budgets. Denise has experience on both the client and agency side, providing the necessary balance for success.


Maureen Grey has over 13 years of pre-press and production experience; she is a detailed and proficient production manager. Her experience ensures accuracy, consistency and inclusive digital file production, which allows execution to flow seamlessly from conception to finished material. Maureen’s vast knowledge in various printing executions and methods and her keen eye to detail on every project, enables Ariago to continuously deliver consistent design and quality communication products. Maureen is a graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz, B.A. in Art


Chester Regen is a seasoned technology analyst, project manager, and scientist. He has extensive web technology expertise and over 20 years of programming experience. Prior to Ariago, Chester was previously Senior Product Manager for Media Asset and Content Management with Informix Software. Prior to Informix, he served for six years as product manager, worldwide marketing manager, and product support supervisor for Bio-Rad Laboratories in the US and the UK. Chester is a graduate from Northwestern University with a Bachelors in Physics and Integrated Science, an advanced Ph.D. in Biophysics from University California, Berkeley.